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Everything You Need To Know About Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Once a building is as energy efficient as possible, renewable energy sources can be integrated to further reduce the buildings demand for fossil fuels. LEDA can provide all of the services required to enable the procurement of the optimum renewable energy solution for the project.

Maximise the potential of renewable production to form the most efficient heating and power solutions for the different building requirements. Note it is vital that the building engineering installations are as energy efficient as possible to ensure the viability of the central process

Examine lifetime costing for design solutions to enable informed choices

Assist the team in understanding and allowing for the integration of renewable and the delivery of energy sources

Determine the loading requirements and the required scale of the renewable

Design the renewable energy solution most appropriate for the building

Assist with sourcing/applying for energy/renewable associated grants

Liaise with relevant bodies such as Biogas Association and Renewable Power Association (recently merged)

Provide solutions for developments where planners require 10% or 20% renewable energy generation