Saving Energy At Home

Our tips are easy, quick and efficient in saving you money from bills every month. Whereas some tricks will help you to save around £10 a month, some can help you save hundreds. All of which cost next to nothing. Discover renewable energy.

No more escaping heat

Ensuring your home is properly insulated is one of the key ways to save bills on energy and to keep the heat inside of your home rather than escaping. If you’re a homeowner or privately rent your property, you may be eligible to a free government grant from Keep Warm to install insulation in your loft or cavity walls. Read more.

You can have a warmer home with lower bills through the 100% free non repayable grant. The process is simple – fill out a short questionnaire, wait for a phone call and then complete a survey – once this has been done, you will soon find out if you’re suitable for the grant.

Use appliances the smart way

Be careful with your appliances and make sure that when they aren’t in use that they aren’t on stand-by mode either, but turn them off instead.

The majority of electrical devices can be turned off at the plug without ruining their programme – however if this isn’t the case, there will be information in the instructions leaflet. Find out more about energy efficient appliances.

It is also important to use your appliances much more carefully – rather than having a tap running constantly when washing up, use a bowl instead; this can result in a £30 saving every year. Contact us.

Regain control of your house

Take back control of your heating within the house. The majority of fuel bills go towards heating and hot water, yet many households don’t use these throughout the day, yet they’re still on.

Install a room thermostat, programmer and thermostatic radiator so you can control these throughout the day when they don’t need to be used.  By doing this, you could save between £75 to £55 a year. Netatmo Energy offer a smart meter where you can control the thermostat from your phone. Click here.