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Essex’s most common pests

Pest Control can eradicate wasps’ nests in the summer months for just a set cost of just £32.00, we won’t ask you for more to destroy a wasps’ nest unless specialist access equipment like for example a cherry-picker or scaffolding is necessary to access the nest.

The only exception is in the case of a late season wasps’ nest, where a different treatment in your loft is likely to be necessary.

On the large majority of occasions we won’t even need to use ladders as we use very long extendable lances which are safer for our agents, yourself as well as your property.

Our technician will come along by appointment, inject a tiny quantity of powdered pesticide in to the entry to the wasps’ nest and the returning wasps will take it into the heart of the nest and inside an hour all the wasps will be gone.

Providing we can easily access the wasps’ nest from the exterior of the property you do not even have to wait in. Our specialist wasp control website features a PayPal button to help you. We’ll then eliminate the nest whilst you’re out, but please telephone us to let us know that you have paid and leave open any gates we will need to go through.

If there are any problems that you are conscious about that would impact on the treatment such as the presence of bats then please make us aware of that over the phone.

Bed bugs

Bed Bugs are prevalent in the  Pest Control region of operation and the majority of professionals feel that the Olympic Games may cause a surge of these revolting invaders in the next few years.

Many people today confuse bed bugs with dust mites. Unlike dust mites that are relatively innocuous, bed bugs are not present in every bed but only in the beds of people unlucky enough to get infested.

Bed bugs are about the dimensions of an apple pip and dine exclusively on blood, your blood!

You can move the infestation to your home due to staying in an infested hotel or even by sitting beside the wrong person on the tram.

Once established inside your home they can quickly disperse to any attached homes and in a bad infestation one might endure up to Five-hundred bites per night.

They usually are not a pest that may be taken care of by an amateur, you absolutely need specialist help or you will make things worse. If you even imagine that you may have bed bugs then talk with Pest Control

Before you take any measures at all, most certainly do not purchase a completely new bed or mattress as it will be infested by bed bugs on the first night.


Ants are really a key pest of the spring and summer months. Lots of people will know the horror of flying ants emerging inside their properties and dread the summer months due to this.

Pest control technology has developed in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years and  Pest Control now have the methods to eliminate ant infestations indoors, and in most cases supply a 3 year warranty on the job.

The treatment is entirely safe for children and pets.

Don’t spend pounds on ant powders and ant gels when we can cure your indoor ant infestation at a competitive charge and offer you a renewable 3 year guarantee in the bargain.


Cat Fleas and Dog Fleas are becoming more troublesome in the  Pest Control region and we’re getting more and more calls from people who frequently treat their pets but nevertheless, are still getting flea infestations in their homes.

This may be that populations of cat fleas and dog fleas are becoming resistant to the ingredients in the flea treatments offered to the general public.

It is very important to deal with a flea infestation promptly, especially in the presence of infants as fleas are intermediate hosts of tapeworm.

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